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Heals headaches quickly and easily.

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This energetic Moon Talisman has the exceptional ability to work with headaches and migraines. Most of them disappear between a few minutes to an hour upon putting on the pendant.

The history: Magic squares have been used by people throughout the ages, from the Chinese to the Romans, Egyptians, Arabian, and in European traditions. They are special squares in which all the numbers in each row and each column adds up to the same number. Because of this there are magical attributes given to them. Sometimes instead of numbers there are shapes associated with them. They have been worn as talismans too. Different planets including the sun and the moon are associated with magic square.

Dominique Susani has combined the magic square of the moon with solar geometry from the Tradition of the Master Builders to create an energetic talisman to wear. Contained in this unique talisman are the cosmic rhythms of the sun and the moon and the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Using the tradition of alchemy and the seven sacred metals, the Moon Talisman is made out of sterling silver.