EMF Energy Transformer© Stickers


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Transform the energy emitted by EMF's!

When frequencies produced by cellphones interact with our EMF Energy Transformer© they become harmless to the body.

Comes in a package of four, 2 small and 2 big are included.

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The EMF Energy Transformer© sticker is designed by European Master Builder, Dominique Susani and utilizes sacred geometry to create a design that shifts the way harmful EMF's interact with us. When the frequencies interact with the design, they no longer are harmful to the user.

The EMF Energy Transformer© Sticker is easy to use, just place the sticker on any of your WIFI devices including:

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • WIFI Routers
  • iPads and Tablets
  • iPods
  • Tv's

The design is a unique pattern containing a lemniscate (energetic figure 8) concentric circles, and the Golden Mean. When the electromagnet field emitted from the cell phone passes through the design, it reorganizes the frequencies making them harmless to the body. The lemniscate, which looks like an infinity symbol keeps this reorganization permanent and continuous.