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Triskels are an energetic tool designed to rebalance and repattern harmful electromagnetic energies emanating from the earth. They also reprogram energy into life-enhancing vitality for your food, drinks, plants, car, computer and much more! Click on More to discover out how triskels can benefit you in your life.

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Triskels are an energetic tool designed by Sacred Geometry Expert, Dominique Susani.

They rearrange and harmonize electromagnetic energy in a space. Most of our homes are full of harmful electromagnetic energy from subterranean water veins and faults, but also the electricity and Wifi in our homes. It is a big problem in our modern life and our bodies suffer because of it.

Triskels are a fantastic tool to help mitigate this increasing problem. We offer a solution to help you harmonize your space using 4 triskels in the Four Triskel Package Deal. They improve the energetic condition of human, plant or animals within the space. 

How to use one triskel:

Clearing or cleaning the energy of a space:

Put a triskel on a good spot in the middle of the house or room. Use a candle that is about 1½ inches tall and place it on a little saucer in the middle of the triskel. Let it burn down and when it is finished, your space is cleaned of all low vibration energies.

Charging food or drink

You can also use a triskel as a hot pad on the table. You re-energize the food by doing this simple thing. Because when the food is fresh the energy is good, but when the food is old or has been in a freezer the electricity corrupts the energy of the food. AC electricity makes the cells flip from positive to negative 60 times a second and cells collapse because of this. The effect is more pronounced with food and meat especially because it is dead and it is not connected to the fluid of life. The life force is gone and putting it in electricity is a catastrophe. It is the same with frozen fruits. If you look at the aura of the fruit on a tree, it is nice and strong. When you harvest a fruit, the energy begins dissipating little by little because it is not connected to the tree or life force energy. Then when you put it in the refrigerator, the cold seems to slow down this effect. But because of the electromagnetic energy it actually speeds up and corrupts the process.

To re-energize your food, you have a couple solutions; you can give your life force to the food with hands etc. Or you can put the food on a triskel to re-energize it. You can also put the triskel in the refrigerator or freezer. Keep the triskel away from humidity, because it will warp. You can put it in a wooden or plastic box for example and stick it in the freezer or at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Try placing your water or wine or other liquids on the triskel and notice how the taste improves!

One Triskel for driving

You can put a triskel underneath your car seat to lessen driving fatigue and stress. It reduces the electromagnetic energy of the car and harmonizes the energy. If you can see car auras, you know they are black. When you put a triskel under your seat, you are harmonizing the energy of the car and you are directly benefitting from the energy by being right over the best point in the car. Then you need to consider that most cars now are equipped with seat warmers. These electromagnetic fields disturb your sexual organs and can generate cancers such as prostate, colon, and uterine cancer. With a triskel, you can re-harmonize those energies and make them less harmful.

One Triskel in the office

You can use one triskel at your job and put it under your chair or under the desk or on top of the computer hard drive. This will help you focus, lessen your stress and help you be more productive and less tired. We also have EMF stickers to place on your phones, routers, and computers to reorganize the electromagnetic energy, which is very helpful in the office and home as well.

Energetic infusion
If you put a crystal in the central star of the Triskel, it will infuse the energy quality of the crystal into the space. Triskels are incredibly efficient in this capacity. You can use crystals, herbs, essential oils or let your imagination guide you.

Read our blog about Triskels and Feeling Good to learn more about how Triskels can benefit you and your life.